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Sport betting is quite amazing phenomenon which we all know that if we want to be successful with it, we should commit significant amount of our personal time in mastering the fundamentals. Further we should always be extremely disciplined, have the right knowledge and more than anything be patient to wait for our moment of shining.

On the other hand, sport betting can be extremely entertaining and social activity that helps to make new friends and gain additional knowledge.

It is quite clear that if we want to make money out of it, we should approach it as any other investment and be careful and bet with reasonable limits. In case we want to approach it as a fun activity we should go ahead with a different mind-set. We are rather betting to have fun and not be profitable in the long run. We simply purchase the experience of spicing up the game, meeting new people and learning interesting information.

Our accumulator bet (also known as a multiple as we may refer in the text below) generator is free to use and it is designed to help you - the punter to have more fun and certainly is not suitable for professional bettors who are after building profitable betting portfolio.

3 steps to generate an accumulator bet based on today's events and your risk tastes


Choose number of games



Choose your risk

Low Risk

High Risk

Extreme Risk


Generate a bet

Press the button to generate a bet

How to use accumulator bet generator?

To generate accumulator bet you have to follow an extremely simple process of 3 steps

  • 1

    1. The selection slider allows you to choose number of selections between 2 and 6. The accumulator bet generator will aim to generate an accumulator with up to the number of selections you have chosen. For example, if you choose 4 selections, you will get an accumulator with 2, 3 or 4 selections depending on the rest of the criteria.

  • 2

    2. The risk scale is responsible for the odds ranges that will be included in your accumulator.

    • Low risk looks at selections with odds ranges between 1.1 - 1.7

    • High risk looks at selections with odds ranges between 1.71 - 2.7

    • Extreme risk looks at selections with odds ranges between 2.71 - 5

  • 3

    3. The play button will trigger the generation process and will load your accumulator bet in the betslip, where you can place it.

If you do not like the selection or simply want to increase the risk apply the changes following the above steps hit the play button again and the new accumulator bet will be added to your bet slip.

As you may have noticed we quite like data and therefore using our accumulator bet generator also comes with other benefits. All bets generated with our accumulator bet generator and placed via our website will be automatically added to your bet tracker. We decided to implement this capability so we can help you stay on the top of your betting finance and have full control over your betting activities.

As mentioned above the best part is that our accumulator bet generator is completely free and we will never charge you for it. You can use as much as you want there no limits how many times you can use it per day, per week and so on. accumulator generator in a nutshell accumulator bet generator is 100% in-house developed and aims to facilitate the process of building profitable accumulators by relying on historical data. As of now our tool is only able to generate accumulator bets for football events – we will soon be adding more sports. It is a feature that will save you a ton of time and indeed will make betting on accumulators much more fun and eventually more profitable in the long run.

In case this is the first time you hear about accumulator bets do not worry we have you covered. We have explained what it is and how it works below in this page.

Our accumulator generator is fully automated and it works in collaboration with our odds comparison and football predictions to pick up the selections that have the most value for you and short list the bookmakers with the highest odds.

How accumulator bet generator works?

We have already covered how simple is to navigate with our accumulator bet generator. We believe it is also important to provide information with regards to how it will pick up the selections for you.

Based on your risk preference levels our algorithm will go through all available events for today and short list the once that match the extensive criteria of our data model.

It will consider all sorts of different statistical information, such as team form, goal scored/conceded, key players missing and more. Once the short-listed information is generated it will reconcile the selection versus our football predictions algorithm and then it will pick the most reliable once.

Once we have the selections generated, we search through all leading bookmakers thanks to our odds comparison and load the accumulator bet in your bet slip with the highest available odds so we ensure you are maximising on potential profits.

As mentioned above accumulator bet generator is only available for football events as of now, but in near future we will be adding more sports. We want to have as many as possible sports covered, however after football we will be focusing on tennis, horse racing and basketball.

What is accumulator bet?

Accumulator bet is specific betting approach that combines multiple selections into one single bet. The odd generated for the accumulator bet is derived by multiplying the odds of each selection. For example, if you have an accumulator bet that includes 4 selections where each selection has odds of 2 the total accumulator odd will be derived the following way

2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16, risking £2 will return £32 – not that bad. If you are new to sports betting the concept behind accumulator bets may be a little difficult to understand and there is a chance you will struggle to calculate the odds. Use accumulator calculator ( it is free to use) to resolve this problem and make informed betting decisions.

However, as with everything that looks too good there is a catch, in order to win the accumulator bet, all selections need to be successful. Meaning that even if you were correct with 3 out of the 4 selections you will lose the 2 pounds.

In general terms the probabilities of an accumulator bet happening are much lower in comparison to a single bet, but as we know the higher the risk the bigger the return will be. Accumulator bets tend to have much bigger returns than single bets and that is one of the major reasons why so many people like betting on them.

Another reason why accumulator bets are preferred by many people is that they extend the fun part of betting. Imagine you have placed an accumulator with 4 different football games (selections) and the games are played during the entire day – quite nice. In addition, if you have won the first 3 games, I guess the last football match will be interesting to watch.

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